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The conference was a great success – feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for all aspects of the location, venue, programme and speakers.

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Inequalities impact directly on the experiences of offenders and victims. This conference examined established areas of concern such as gender, race and class and broadened the criminological gaze to newer areas such as terrorism, green criminology and migration, from interdisciplinary and global perspectives.

Keynote speakers

  • Kelly Hannah-Moffat, University of Toronto
  • Will Hutton, University of Oxford

Spotlighted Participants

As always, our Conference featured a range of speakers, lots of time for Q&A, and participation from academics, authors, publishers and practitioners. Below is a partial list of participants:


Presentation –¬†Achieving Meaningful Prison Reform whilst Denouncing Deliberate¬†Decarceration: A Critique of the Current Penal Reform Proposals.¬†Gavin Dingwall and Tim Hillier,¬†De Montfort University.

Presentation –¬†What’s to be done about the police? Ben Bowling,¬†King’s College London School of Law.

Presentation РViolence Inequalities and Trends in England and Wales. Andromachi Tseloni, Nottingham Trent University.

Presentation РNew trends in crimes against sex workers: digital crimes, doxing and exposure. Teela Sanders, University of Leicester.

Presentation –¬†The Experiences of Female IRA Ex-Combatants – Political Protest and the Prison Experience. Azrini Wahidin, Nottingham Trent University.

Presentation –¬†Towards a Political Economy of Race, Crime and Nation in Britain. Colin Webster,¬†Leeds Beckett University.

Panel –¬†Homicide Investigation: UK and USA Research Findings. Fiona Brookman and Helen Jones,¬†University of South Wales. Richard M. Hough, Sr., and Kimberly McCorkle, University of West Florida, USA

Presentation – Tackling the ‚Äėhydra‚Äô of gun crime in Europe: Findings from Project EFFECT¬†(Part of a Panel theme session).¬†Erica Bowen and Helen Poole,¬†Coventry University.

Presentation РIgnoring lost voices? Invisible victims, invisible harms, invisible justice. Neil Chakraborti, University of Leicester.

Presentation РLife as a volunteer for the police. Andrew Millie, Edge Hill University.

Presentation РPhilosophical criminology. Andrew Millie, Edge Hill University.

Presentation РDeveloping Understandings of Firearms availability, Firearms Control and Armed Violence in fragile and conflict affected states (Part of a Panel theme session). Owen Greene,  University of Bradford and Peter Squires, University of Brighton.

Presentation РFirearm Studies: 20 Years On (Part of a Panel theme session). Peter Squires, University of Brighton.

Presentation – Water, inequalities and injustice: social divisions, racism and colonialism‚ÄĒpast and present.¬†Nigel South,¬†University of Essex.

Presentation – Victim-survivor perspectives on ‚Äėjustice‚Äô in the context of sexual violence.¬†Marianne Hester,¬†University of Bristol.

Presentation –¬†Reducing criminal opportunity: vehicle security and vehicle crime.¬†Nick Morgan,¬†Head of Crime Patterns Team,¬†Home Office.

Presentation –¬†Murderousness in War: from Mai Lai to Marine A. Sandra Walklate, Liverpool University.

Presentation –¬†Truth-finding and the adversarial tradition: what do miscarriage of justice tell us?¬†Stewart Field, Cardiff University.

Presentation РSurveying Victims: The Case for Local Victimisation Surveys. Ken Pease, University of Kent.

Panel РWhat is urban about crime? The role of the city in explaining the roots of violence and human harm. Rowland Atkinson, University of Sheffield;  Tammy Ayres, University of Leicester; Louise Newton, Nottingham Trent University; Oliver Smith,  Plymouth University; Simon Winlow, Teesside University.

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