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No. 92, Winter 2023,  ISSN 1759-8354
British Society of Criminology Postgraduate Researchers  Special Edition

Have the Simpsons made another prediction? Codeine-containing cough syrups as the recipe for happiness. Cosimo Sidoti, University of Kent.

Why undertake research on Shamima Begum? Because women’s stories matter. Jeanne Duley, University of Glasgow.

Consent matters: A comparative analysis of rape laws and gender-based violence victim support systems in Hong Kong and mainland China. Yubo Yin, University of Glasgow.

A human-rights approach to adult family violence: a critical analysis of the Domestic Abuse Act (2021) and the need for systems change. Lily Graham, University of Central Lancashire, School of Law and Policing

Key investigation challenges of investigating historic crimes. Natalie Quinn Walker, University of Wolverhampton.

I am hurtling towards 60 years of age so what better time to begin my PhD journey! Louise Farrow, University of Hull.

No. 91, Summer 2023,  ISSN 1759-8354
Inside Prison University Partnerships
Taking Greenwich University students to visit HMP Wandsworth: A collaborative, reflective piece written with the students. Dr Ed Schreeche-Powell, Dr Jack Tomlin, Brittanie Noon, Emma Hole, Cecilie Wicklund, Oana-Alexandra Sauca, Jade Hudson, Valeria Rossi and Asya Mitisheva. 
Developing Effective University-Prison Partnership Policies: Educational Resources & In-Cell TV at HMP Hull. Josephine Metcalf, Stewart Mottram, Laura Skinner.
Maynooth University Mountjoy Prison Partnership and the Unlocking Potential Project. Dr Joe Garrihy and Collaborators.
Collaborating across prison walls and borders: co-creating an all-island curriculum that builds empathy and mutual understanding between diverse communities of North and South of Ireland prison-university partnerships. Gillian McNaull, Shadd Maruna, Katharina Swirak, James Cronin, Maggie O’Neill, Kathleen White.
Teaching ‘inside the wire’ in an Aotearoa New Zealand prison: A collaboration between the University of Otago and Otago Corrections Facility. Dr Fairleigh Evelyn Gilmour, Sherie Lucke, Associate Professor Anaru Eketone.
Inside Out: The Start of a Journey. Michael Akinfenwa.
Co-authoring a book with a former Learning Criminology Inside student. Drs Rose Broad, Emily Turner and Caroline Miles, (Book co-editor, Prof Shadd Maruna).
No. 90, Winter 2022,  ISSN 1759-8354

Drug Market Developments

The mainstreaming of new technology into drug dealing and drug market research. Jack Cunliffe.

Body maps – Can this methodological tool provide new and enriched understanding of longstanding issues within the illegal drugs field? Tara Young and Caroline Chatwin

New approaches to understanding County Lines: a risk terrain analysis of cuckooing in LincolnHayley Y. Fox.
New insights to County Lines drug supply networks: a research note on a study of police experiences of the intersectionality of victimhood and offending. David Lydon and Peter Emanuel.
‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’: new insights on rationale, risk, and reward of the steroid economy in prison. Georgina Barkham.
Drug market developments in Uganda: the need for a new approach. Diana Peel.
Peptides: Substances of tomorrow – moving beyond the traditional framework of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). Simon Gellar.
No. 89, Summer 2022,  ISSN 1759-8354

Sexual Violence, Safety, and Space

Challenging Behaviour? The BSC sexual misconduct member survey, 2021. Marian Duggan, University of Kent and Natalie Walton, Greenwich University.

VAWG in public spaces: Barriers to reporting and impacts on women and girls. Dr Katherine Allen, Arianna Barbin, Aneela Khan and Dr Joana Ferreira, University of Suffolk.

Digital sexual violence and the gendered constraints on consent in youth image sharing. Dr Emily Setty, University of Surrey, Professor Jessica Ringrose, UCL, and Dr Kaitlyn Regehr, University of Kent.

The significance of safety and space to the primary prevention of female sexual offending. Jennifer Grant, University of Portsmouth.

Project Vigilant: Preventing sexual violence in the Night-Time Economy. Chris Magill, Peter Squires, John Solaas, University of Brighton.


No. 88, Winter 2021,  ISSN 1759-8354

Decolonising Criminology

Colonialism, Criminal Justice and Criminology. J M Moore.   

Marginalised voices in criminological teaching: the role of reading lists and how student learners engage with them. Dr Kelly J. Stockdale & Rowan Sweeney.

In conversation with Southern Criminology. Eleni Dimou.

Interview, Dr Leon Moosavi, Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool, Singapore campus.


No. 87, Summer 2021,  ISSN 1759-8354

Historical Criminology

International Dialogues in Historical Criminology, David Churchill and Vicky Nagy      

Digital data methods and historical criminology: with the increased digitisation of archival records, how do digital data methods interact with historical criminology? Zoe Alker and Alana Piper             

Are we all contemporary historians now? Reflections on criminology and the study of the recent past, Paul Bleakley and Thomas Guiney  

The Role of Decolonization and Indigenization in Historical Criminology, Mike Guerzoni and Esmorie Miller             

The policing and criminalisation of women, Chaired by Helen Johnston and Vicky Nagy                

Reflections on attending the BSC HNet and AusNZ Historical Criminology Network Joint Event, Jessamy Carlson      



No. 86, Winter 2020,  ISSN 1759-8354

Crime and Justice in the USA

What the Future Holds for Crime and Justice in the U.S. under President Biden, Joanne Belknap and Alejandra Benita Portillos

Between the End and the Beginning: Three Questions for American Criminal Justice After Trump and Before Biden, N. Prabha Unnithan

Administrative Evil and the Use of Deadly Force in Law Enforcement, Richard Hough      

But What Did We Learn? Searching for Meaning in the Age of Trumpism, Alex Tepperman  

A cough, a call, and ‘butterfly effects’ of 2020: Reflection at the genesis of adulthood, Shawn Isaiah Mendez, with Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill



No. 85, Summer 2020,  ISSN 1759-8354

Times of Crises

COVID-19: A Positive Result for Online Recruitment to Extremist Organizations., Chantelle A. Cummings

Domestic Violence and Access to Justice during COVID 19 in Trinidad and Tobago: Responses to domestic violence during crisis by the courts and its implications for access, Leah Cleghorn

Crises Colliding: COVID-19 and domestic abuse, Jo Roberts

De-funding the Police in the UK, Jennifer Fleetwood and John Lea

Moving Beyond Crime and Punishment Narratives and Analyses: Critical Race Theory and Racial Specificity in Youth Justice, Esmorie Miller



No. 84, Winter 2019,  ISSN 1759-8354

Race Matters

Little white lies: Whiteness, reflexivity, race and criminology, Rod Earle

Gypsy and Traveller Experiences of Crime and Justice: A Neglected Minority in Criminology, Zoë James, Coretta Phillips, and Becky Taylor

Serious Youth Violence in Britain: Is the Public Health Approach the Solution? Timi Osidipe and Suzella Palmer

Criminological Codes: Race, Technology and Crime, Alpa Parmar and Pamela Ugwudike


No. 83, Winter 2018,  ISSN 1759-8354

Crime and Politics

Prefiguring a better politics of crime: The practice of democratic under-labouring, Ian Loader

The Decline of Penal Populism in the UK?Emma Bell

Crime, Politics and TimeSteve Farrall and Emily Gray


No. 82, Summer 2018,  ISSN 1759-8354

Historical Criminology

What is ‘Historical Criminology’? Thinking Historically about Crime and Justice, David Churchill     

Doing Historical Criminology: A Case from Ireland, Lynsey Black   

The Scapegoat and the British Far-Right in Historical and Contemporary Context, Iain Channing

Minimum Unit Pricing, Discipline and the Politics of Drinking, Henry Yeomans         


No. 81, Winter 2017,  ISSN 1759-8354

Deviant Leisure

Deviant Leisure: Emerging perspectives on leisure, consumerism and crime, Oliver Smith    

Lifestyle Gambling and the Normalised Harms of Deviant Leisure, Thomas Raymen

Drugs, Leisure, Consumption and Harm, Tammy Ayres

‘Deviant Leisure’: The Consumption of Tourist Experiences and Harm, Jo Large

Injustice: A film about prison, crime and us: A Film Review. Peter Squires


No. 80, Summer 2017,  ISSN 1759-8354

War and Criminology

Reflections on the uses of history for criminology and war, Zoe Alker               

Violence on ‘Civvie Street’? Being a ‘Violent Veteran’ amid a ‘Criminology of War’, Emma Murray       

War, Crime and Human Rights, John Lea  

From policing to warfare: the Israeli governance of the West Bank and Gaza, Maayan Geva        

The ‘Criminology of War’, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Ross McGarry and Sandra Walklate      


No. 79, Winter 2016,  ISSN 1759-8354

Joint Enterprise

Constructing the dangerous, black, criminal ‘other’,  Peter Squires

Prosecuting joint enterprise cases: seeking ways through the fog?,  Amy Kirby, Jessica Jacobson and Gillian Hunter

Joint Enterprise and legitimacy among long-term prisoners,  Susie Hulley

Some personal reflections on the tragic loss of Gary Slapper Steve Tombs



No. 78, Summer 2016,  ISSN 1759-8354

Crime, Criminology and Brexit

Brexit: the consequences for innovative criminological research, Wendy Fitzgibbon and Christine Graebsch

What could ‘Brexit’ mean for the UK’s policing of art and cultural heritage crime? John Kerr

Policing Cybercrime in the EU: Shall I Stay Or Shall I Go? David S. Wall

Will Brexit Impact on Borders and the Control of Immigration? Monish Bhatia

Nicole Hahn Rafter, Emeritus Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Northeastern University 1939-2016 Barry Godfrey and Paul Knepper



No. 77, Winter 2015,  ISSN 1759-8354

Intersections between criminal justice and immigration

Border Criminologies, Mary Bosworth
The ‘Crimmigration Control System’, Ben Bowling and Sophie Westenra
Immigration within Crime and Justice Statistics, Andromachi Tseloni
How has the ‘refugee crisis’ changed us? Ana Aliverti
Jason Ditton, Professor of Criminology 1949 – 2015, Ken Pease



No. 76, Summer 2015,  ISSN 1759-8354

Letters to a new Government: reflections on what might be in store

Editorial, Charlotte Harris and Helen Jones
Letters to a new Government: reflections on what might be in store. The need to re-imagine from basic principles Karen Evans
Youth Justice, Patricia Gray
Victims: continuing to carry the burden of justice, Pamela Davies
Criminology and the Conservatives: reform, challenges and the hopes of a Labour-voting PhD student, Susie Atherton
Whither criminal justice policy for women? Loraine Gelsthorpe
Policing & Politics: no longer, ‘just good friends’, Peter Squires
Text Mining the Election Manifestos, Allan Brimicombe
Obituary. Nils Christie, Professor of Criminology 1928 – 2015, Richard Sparks



No. 75, Winter 2014,  ISSN 1759-8354

Criminology and Storytelling

Barry Goldson, ‘Presenting the BSC Outstanding Achievement Award to Sandra Walklate’
Sandra Walklate, ‘British Society of Criminology Outstanding Achievement Award 2014: Acceptance Speech
Lois Presser and Sveinung Sandberg, ‘Narrative criminology for these times’
Rod Earle, ‘Telling and showing with criminology
Merlijn van Hulst, ‘Police officers telling stories
Nicola Padfield, Nigel Walker CBE, Professor of Criminology 1917- 2014



No. 74, Summer 2014,  ISSN 1759-8354 

Scottish Independence and CriminalJustice

Gerry Mooney, ‘The Scottish Independence Debate: Class, Nation and the Politics of Criminal Justice’ Read this article here
Nick Fyfe, ‘Observations on Police Reform in Scotland’ Read this article here
Brian Francis, ‘Keith Soothill, Professor of Social Research 1941- 2014 Read this article here



No. 73, Winter 2013, ISSN 1759-8352

The Importation of Super-Prisons

Keith Hayward and Roger Matthews, ‘A tribute to Jock Young 1942-2013’ Read this article here
Stephen Farrall, ‘Presenting the BSC Outstanding Achievement Award to Joanna Shapland’ Read this article here
Joanna Shapland, ‘British Society of Criminology Outstanding Achievement Award 2013 Acceptance Speech‘ Read this article here
Loïc Wacquant, ‘Supermax Swindle: On the Contradictions of the Meta-prison’ Read this article here
Rob Allen, ‘‘Titaning’ our Belts’ Read this article here


No. 72, Summer 2013, ISSN 1759-8352

Gun Control

Amitai Etzioni, ‘Guns do kill best’ Read this article here
Peter Squires, ‘Educating Wayne: Debating gun control with the NRA’ Read this article here
Roxana Cavalcanti, ‘Edge of a barrel: Gun violence and the politics of gun control in Brazil’ Read this article here
The Future of Probation
Michael Teague, ‘Rehabilitation, punishment and profit: The dismantling of public-sector probation’ Read this article here
Lol Burke, ‘The 2013 Offender Rehabilitation Bill: ‘A curious mix?’’ Read this article here


No. 71, Winter 2012, ISSN 1759-8354

The Jimmy Savile Scandal

Pat Carlen, ‘Presenting the BSC Outstanding Achievement Award to Jock Young’, 5-6.
Read the article here
The Jimmy Savile Scandal
Chris Greer and Eugene McLaughlin, ‘A Paedophile Scandal Foretold: Sir Jimmy Savile, Child Sexual Abuse and the BBC’, 7-11.
Read the article here
Andrew O’Hagan, ‘Light Entertainment: Child Abuse and the British Public’, 12-16
Read the article here
Malcolm Cowburn, ‘Reflections on the Jimmy Savile Disclosures: Grooming and Denial Behind the Masks of Masculinities’, 17-20.
Read the article here
Howard Davis, ‘The Performance of Shock and the Ubiquity of Cover-up’, 21-24.
Read the article here


No. 70, Summer 2012, ISSN 1759-8354

Sport and Criminology

Nic Groombridge, ‘Sports (Criminology) Illustrated’, 3-6.
Read this article
Jon Coaffee, ‘Resilience Through Lockdown: Reflections on ‘Total Security’ Preparations for London 2012’, 7-10.
Read this article
Allan Brimicombe, ‘The Olympics and (Hopefully Very Little) Criminology: Some Economic Viewpoints’, 11-13.
Read this article
Suzanne Young, Simon Mackenzie, Michelle Burman, Nick Fyfe, Niall. Hamilton-Smith, Chris Johnston and Jonny Pickering, ‘The Culture of High. Security: A Case Study of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games (G2014)’, 14-17.
Read this article


No. 69, Winter 2011, ISSN 1759-8354

An English Summer of Rioting and Looting

Andrew Millie, ‘Editorial: Reflections on an English Summer of Rioting and Looting’, 1-2.
Read this article
Loraine Gelsthorpe, ‘A letter from our President’, 3-4.
Read this article
Jill Peay, ‘Presenting the BSC Outstanding Achievement Award to Robert Reiner’, 6-8.
Read the article here
Robert Reiner, ‘British Society of Criminology Outstanding Achievement Award 2011 Acceptance Speech’, 9-11.
Read the article here
Tim Newburn, ‘Reading the Riots’, 12-14.
Read the article here
Jon Silverman, ‘Reflections on the Riots’, 15-16.
Read the article here
John Lea, ‘Shock Horror: Rioters Cause Riots! Criminals Cause Crime!’, 17-19.
Read the article here


No. 68, Summer 2011, ISSN 1759-8354

Amanda White, Robert Street and Teresa Williams, ‘Crime and Justice Research at the Home Office & Ministry of Justice’, 5-7.
Read this article
Charlotte Bilby, ‘Insider Art: An Exhibition of Offender Artwork at the BSC Conference, Northumbria University’, 8-10.
Read this article


No. 67, Winter 2010, ISSN 1759-8354

Anne Worrall, ‘On Presenting the BSC’s Outstanding Achievement Award to Professor Pat Carlen’, 5-6. and Pat Carlen, ‘2010 Outstanding Achievement Award Acceptance Speech’, 7-9. Read these articles
Steve Tombs and David Whyte, ‘Regulatory Surrender’, 10-13. Read this article
Gemma Buckland, ‘The Justice Select Committee and the BSC’, 14-15. Read this here


No.66, Summer 2010, ISSN 1759-8354

Crime and criminal justice following the 2010 UK General Election

Phillip Stenning and Robert Reiner, ‘A Tribute to Jean-Paul Brodeur 1943-2010’, 3-4. Read the article here
Features – Crime and Criminal Justice Following the 2010 UK General Election
Stephen Farrall, ‘What Criminal Justice Policies Might the Lib Dem-Con Government Pursue?’, 5-7. Read this article
Jonathan Simon, ‘Crime and The New Politics: Will Cameron and Clegg Govern Through Crime?’, 8-9. Read this article
Steve Savage, ‘More Accountability – Less Regulation? Coalition Plans for Policing’, 10-12. Read this article
Juliet Lyon CBE, ‘Justice Reform – Next Steps’, 13-14. Read this article


No. 65, Winter 2009, ISSN 1759-8354

Friedrich Lösel, ‘Half a Century of Challenging Crime: The Cambridge Institute of Criminology Celebrates its 50th Anniversary’, pp6-7. Read this article
Neil Chakraborti, ‘The ASC 2009 in Philadelphia: Reflections from a First-Timer’, pp8-9. Read this article


No. 64, Special Edition, Autumn 2009, ISSN 1759-8354

David Downes, ‘Presenting the Outstanding Achievement in Criminology Award to Professor Stanley Cohen’, pp3-4. Read this article
Stanley Cohen, ‘Carry on Panicking’, pp5-10. Read this article
Eugene McLaughlin, ‘Life on Mars’, pp11-12. Read this article


No. 63, Summer 2009, ISSN 1759-8354

Paul Rock, ‘Writing an Official History of the Criminal Justice System’, p16. Read this article
Adam Crawford, ‘Anti-Social Behaviour and Respect: An ESRC Seminar Series’, pp17-18. Read this article
Alison Liebling, ‘Women in Prison Prefer Legitimacy to Sex’, pp19-23. Read this article
Ian O’Donnell, ‘The Irish Criminology Conference’, pp24-25. Read this article


No. 62, Winter 2008, ISSN 1759-8354

Helen Bulpitt, ‘Support for Teaching and Learning’, pp14-16. Read this article
Graham Farrell, Nick Tilley, Andromachi Tseloni and Jen Mailley, ‘The Crime Drop and the Security Hypothesis’, pp17-21. Read this article
Alex Farquharson, ‘The Impossible Prison’, pp-25. Read this article


No. 61, Winter 2006

Paul Rock, ‘Criminological Reflections from the City of Quartz’, pp9-10. Read this article


No. 60, Summer 2006

Home Office Research: March Event Opens Dialogue on Research for Policy, pp2-8. Read this article
Chloe Chitty, Robert Street, Duncan Stewart and Rosalyn Xavier, ‘Rules of Evidence: Doing and Using Research for Criminal Justice Policy, Take One’, pp2-3.
Mike Hough, Alison Liebling and Loraine Gelsthorpe, ‘Reflections on the RDS NOMS Agenda: The Three Discussants Each Set Out Their Reflections on the Presentation’, pp4-6.
Gordon Hughes, ‘Doing Research for Policy: Personal Reflections on Some Challenges for the Criminological Academy’, pp6-7.


No. 59, February 2006, ISSN 1357-9398

Max Travers, ‘The Methods Debate in Criminology’, pp10-11. (Scanned copy) Read this article

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