BSC Early Career Researchers Network 

The BSC Early Career Researchers Network was officially launched in Nottingham 2016.


Steering committee
Dr Joe Garrihy, Amy Meenaghan, Dr Carina O’Reilly, Michala Scalpello, Dr Emily Setty.

The ECRN aims at:

  • Being the first reference point for Early Career Researchers in Criminology in the UK. While we do not place any rigid definition on the term ‘early career researcher’ the term is commonly associated to post-doc researchers within 5 years from the completion of their PhD.
  • Establishing links with similar ECRN groups in other learned society (such as ASC and ESC) and with other networks and groups in the BSC as well to avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Supporting the organisation of workshops of interests to Early Career Researchers, such as meetings with publishers, editors, UK Councils’ officers, Research Officers, methodology experts etc.
  • Establishing a platform to share ideas and research findings during the annual conference, through appropriately themed panels under the same stream and in other occasions throughout the year.

Forthcoming Events

Please see the latest members’ ebulletin for upcoming events

Previous Events

Writing Retreat

Unfortunately, we could not make in person writing retreats feasible, so we are looking to arrange live online sessions instead. Dependent on interest, they will take place once a month and will be scheduled at a range of times to accommodate differing responsibilities and timetables. We will follow the pomodoro technique of 25 minutes on with 5 minutes break. At the beginning we will set our goals and discuss them within the breaks Hopefully these sessions will allow you to meet with other early career researchers and build our network community.

The first session will take place Monday 13th February 2pm-4pm

Link to join is here:

All welcome to join, even if you cannot attend the duration of the session

Best wishes

BSC ECR Network Committee 


Learning and teaching as an Early Career Researcher

Wednesday 19th January

Dr Suzanne Young
Delivering learning and teaching as an early career academic can be a daunting task that comes with many challenges. This interactive session offered guidance on planning and delivering lectures and seminars, and offered tips on the most effective ways to engage students.  This session is aimed at those in the early career stages of teaching Criminology in a higher education setting.

Short bio: Dr Suzanne Young is an Associate Professor in Criminal Justice and the Chair of the British Society of Criminology’s Learning and Teaching Network. Details of her research and publications can be found here

Dr Suzanne Young’s PowerPoint presentation from this event can be downloaded here

Early Career Researchers Network – Meet Up!

The Data First programme and opportunities for criminological and criminal justice research
November 3, 2021

Host: Andromachi Tseloni, Professor of Quantitative Criminology, Nottingham Trent University and Ministry of Justice Data First Academic Lead

Administrative data refer to records organisations keep about their operations usually for non-statistical or research purposes. Linked administrative data whereby data on individuals are merged from different administrative databases are opening new opportunities for research. This workshop will introduce the Data First programme, one of ADR UK’s (Administrative Data Research UK) flagship programmes of work on crime and justice, led by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), and overview its potential for criminological and criminal justice research in England and Wales.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation slides from this session.

BSC Early Career Researchers Network – Meet Up!
via Zoom, Wednesday September 22, 2021

ECN Zoom imageIn recent sessions we have had feedback from members that they would appreciate sessions that advise about grant applications. Professor Barry Godfrey has much experience and kindly agreed to come along and deliver a talk. This popular talk attracted over 50 registrations.

Click to watch the recording of the session (opens in a new window)

After a brief discussion about external funding, using examples from past and present ESRC projects, we discussed strategies for successfully securing research grants (both Research Council and Non-RC). The remainder of the session will be dedicated to informal catch up.

Contact Jayne Price for further information:

BSC Early Career Researchers Network – Meet Up!
via Zoom, Wednesday 12th May

Meeting image

All Early Career Researchers were invited to attend a meet up.

Dr Sarah Charman from University of Portsmouth provided a personal perspective of her experience as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice. She reflected on her role, and gave some tips, from her own personal experience, on submitting to a journal.

This was followed by time for an informal catch up

Contact Jayne Price for further information:

Wednesday 24th February 5-6 pm ECR informal meet up
All Early Career Researchers were invited to attend our first meet up via Zoom. Thank to those who complete our questionnaire last year – we have arranged the following in response to your feedback. We are conscious of the many pressures everyone is experiencing currently and wish to set up a safe space for discussion about research, surviving online teaching, juggling PhD, managing workload, uncertainty and anything else you wish to talk about! This was an informal catch up which also provided the opportunity for you to meet with peers.

We hope to run more of these over the forthcoming months, current suggested themes include writing book proposals, applying for jobs, grant writing but we welcome suggestions from attendees.

Public Engagement and Your Audiences 2020
Led by Jayne Price co-chair of the BSC  Early Career Researchers Network and Carina O’Reilly chair of the BSC Postgraduate Committe
Focussing specifically on Early Career Researchers and Postgraduates, this event was interactive and asked delegates to think about their work and its possible audiences. It also included some guidance on non-academic press outlets.
This event was on Zoom and free to attend
Workshop and Q&A format
Recording available here
Download flyer

The Sixth Annual Doctoral Research Workshop on Central Asia
“Il/legal” and informal practices in the Eurasian region
Senate House, Russell Square, Street, London, WC1E 7HU
Saturday, 27 January 2018
Convened by Dr. Gulzat Botoeva and Dr. Gül Berna Özcan
Widespread illegal and informal practices in the Eurasian region have been studied from different disciplinary angles. Illegal migrant settlers, illegal hashish harvesting, informal payments in medical and educational organizations, and similar phenomena have been the focus of sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists. While there is a growing interest in such studies, there is not much dialogue among scholars that focus on diverse issues of illegality and informality within the region. Such a discussion can enhance the theoretical understanding of concepts such as legal and illegal, licit and illicit, formal and informal. There is also a need to develop a critical approach to illegality and discuss how some practices emerge due to their criminalisation by certain actors such as states, international organizations and other macro-institutions.

ConferenceHighlights 2017
“Can we really publish something new?” Discussion on publishing first monographs in criminology  with Josephine Taylor for Palgrave Macmillan and Associate Professor Pamela Davies (Northumbria University).

“Are we in the News? A conversation between academia and the media”, with Jake Riddell, journalist with Freemantle Media, Dr Anna Di Ronco (University of Essex) and Dr Nic Groombridge (University of South Wales).

“Doing Research in high-risk environments or high-security fields: a roundtable to share experiences”, with Bingul Durbas (University of Sussex) Kate Gooch (University of Leicester) Kirstine Szifris (Manchester Metropolitan University) Simone Santorso (University of Hull).

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