Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ list where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the British Society of Criminology.


  • Can I be a member of a BSC Network group even if I’m not a BSC member?’ –  Yes you can. Just contact the convenor and ask to be added to their list
  • Can I be a member of a BSC Network group even if I do not live in the UK?  Yes you can. Just email the convenor and ask to be added to their list
  • How do I notify the BSC of a change of address? (Email your new details to
  • Why does the BSC want an alternative email for me when I register? (Sometimes people move from their original academic post and their university email address becomes inoperable. Therefore it is useful to have another email account through which to contact you.)
  • How do I apply to the BSC Innovation Fund? (Members of the BSC are eligible to apply to the Innovation fund. See the members’ area for more details.)
  • Can the BSC offer legal or career advice to its members? (The BSC does not offer legal or career advice to its members. We do have a Statement of Ethics for Researchers because the BSC as a professional body recognises the importance of continuing the discussion around issues such as ‘research integrity’ and ‘research misconduct’ within the discipline and wider afield.)
  • What resources can I access on the BSC website? (If you are not a member you may access all parts of the website except the members-only area. Our Regional Groups page has a link to current events and archived details of previous BSC supported events. You might also want to look through the Publications section: particularly the Papers from the British Criminology Conference which has articles taken from some of our past conferences).
  • How much does it cost to advertise an event or a job? (Adverts for free events and studentships are placed free of charge. Members can place job adverts for free. All other adverts are charged at a rate of £130 for placement in the bulletin and website. The advert should be provided as a word document and a logo can be added for free. Contact
  • Do you provide volunteer or intern opportunities? (No, as a small organisation we do not have the capacity to offer this.)
  • Can you provide expert comment to journalists? (Wherever possible the BSC will assist with media enquiries but it is rarely possible to give a same-day response.)