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We recently produced a podcast. Here Tanya Wyatt and Rob White talk about what Green Criminology actually is.

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Green Criminology in a Changing World

January 27 & 28, 2021

Due to unprecedented circumstances the last 12 months saw many environmental issues garner less and less attention in social, political and media circles. However, this has diminished neither their presence nor importance, and has instead raised important questions about their occurrence against a background of wider contextual fractures. For instance, how have the transitions seen since the start of 2020 influenced environmental harms and those who choose to study them? Why should those with an eye on these rapid social and political transformations still be mindful of environmental crimes and harms that continue to occur over the same period? This Twitter conference attempted to answer these questions, among others, to understand how environmental issues in the non-human world intersect with those occurring in their human counterpart. The legacies of these transformations are likely to be with us for some time, and accounting for the ways in which they entwine with one another is going to be of increasing importance.

Speaker Schedule

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Jenny Maher on YouTube, ‘The Dog Delusion: fallacies and false beliefs that perpetuate harms to non-human animals

Angus Nurse on YouTube, ‘Green Criminology and the Right to a Healthy Environment


Gendering Green Criminology

November 26, 2020

Co-hosted by the British Society of Criminology Women Crime and Criminal Justice Network and the Green Criminology Research Network

How can feminism engage meaningfully with environmental harm? Why should those concerned about environmental harm also be concerned with issues of gender? This one-day conference joins feminism, gender studies, and green criminology, to explore the intersections between gender, environmental, non-human animal, and wildlife crimes and harms.

Event held via Zoom

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  • Dr Stephen Burrell (Durham University) — The climate crisis and men’s violence: Exploring the connections between masculinities and environmental harm
  • Dr Ana Leite (Durham University) — Conspiracy theories, feelings of threat, and attitudes towards animals and the environment
  • Dr Francis Masse (Northumbria University) — Gendered dimensions of wildlife crime
  • Professor Kay Peggs (Kingston University) — Veganism, crime and consuming animals
  • Dr Corey Wrenn (University of Kent) — Vegan feminist activism then and now
  • Professor Tanya Wyatt (Northumbria University) — Gender and environmental harm

This event was rescheduled from April 2020

Green Criminology in the Anthropocene

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In association with the BSC North-East regional branch.

16th January 2020 – Northumbria University

In the context of widespread, human-induced environmental harm criminology – as the discipline primarily concerned with questions of deviance and social control – finds itself particularly relevant. As such, this one day symposium aimed to spark debate in criminology about how best to respond to contemporary and emerging environmental crimes and harms at a time when existing responses appear ineffective.

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polar bear photoCritical Directions in Green Criminology: Criminological perspectives on environmental crises

April 2, 2019

Room 202, Mast House, Shepherd’s Wharf, 24 Sutton Road, Plymouth PL4 0HJ

The conference aim was to kick start a new discussion in criminology – one that engages thoughtfully, but vigorously, with the ways in which the discipline can be brought to bear on a range of issues that are acknowledged widely but largely misunderstood.

The network was formally launched at the Annual BSC conference at the University of Lincoln, in July 2019.