BSC Book Draw Past Winners

April 2024 – Polity Press provided a copy of Cybercrime: The Transformation of Crime in the Information Age, 2nd Edition. David S. Wall. The winner was Malcolm Nelson.

March 2024 – Hart Publishing provided a copy of Contemporary Challenges to Criminal Justice. Liber Amicorum for Ralph Henham. The winner was Joseph Whittle.

February 2024 – Palgrave provided a copy of Racism, Violence and Harm: Ideology, Media and Resistance. Editors: Monish Bhatia, Scott Poynting, Waqas Tufail. The winner was Roger Grimshaw.

January 2024 – Routledge provided a copy of Questioning Punishment. H Carvalho and A Chamberlen. The winner was David A Raho.

December 2023

The winners of the December draw were: 

Criminology as a Moral Science – Susan Watson.

Failing Moms: Social Condemnation and Criminalization of Mothers – Emma Milne.

The Oxford Handbook of Criminology – Kerry Hannigan.

Routledge International Handbook on Decolonizing Justice – Luke Vinter.

The Good Prison Officer: Inside Perpectives – Kirsty Teague.

Understanding Drug Dealing and Illicit Drug Markets – James Treadwell.

The English Prison Health System After a Decade of Austerity – Chelsea Harrison.

Queering Criminology in Theory and Praxis: Reimagining Justice in the Criminal Legal System and Beyond – Martina Feilzer

Networked Crime: Does the Digital Make the Difference? – Xavier D L’Hoiry.

Space Criminology: Analysing Human Relationships with Outer Space – Charlotte Harris.

Insecure Guardians: Enforcement, Encounters, and Everyday Policing in Postcolonial Karachi – Kerry Hannigan.

What is to be done about Violence against Women? – Stefan Machura.

November 2023 – Routledge provided a copy of The Good Prison Officer: Inside Perspectives Edited by Andi Brierley. The book draw winner for November was Jasmine Wood.

October 2023 – Bristol University Press provided a copy of ‘Policing Environmental Protest: Power and Resistance in Pandemic Times’ Edited by Andi Brierley. The winner was Emma Milne.

September 2023 – Routledge provided a copy of the Routledge International Handbook of Police Ethnography (2023). Edited By Jenny Fleming and Sarah Charman. The winner was Stuart Piper.

August 2023 – There was no draw.

July 2023 – Polity provided a cop of Crime and Control in China: The Myth of Harmony by Børge Bakken. The winner was Miriam

June 2023 – Routledge provided a copy of Reimagining Probation Practice: Re-forming Rehabilitation in an Age of Penal Excess (2023). Ed. Lol Burke, Nicola Carr, Emma Cluley, Steve Collett and Fergus McNeill. The winner was Martina Feilzer.

May 2023 – Oxford University Press provided a copy of Assessing the Harms of Crime: A New Framework for Criminal Policy (2022). Victoria A. Greenfield and Letizia Paoli. The winner was Kathy Hampson.

April 2023 – Palgrave Macmillan provided a copy of Child First: Developing a New Youth Justice System (2023). The winner was Stephen Parrott.

March 2023 – Bristol University Press provided a copy of Torture and Torturous Violence: Transcending Definitions of Torture (2023)Victoria Canning. The winner was Zoe Burn. 

February 2023 – Routledge provided a copy of Privatising Criminal Justice: History, Neoliberal Penality and the Commodification of Crime (2023). Christopher Hamerton, Sue Hobbs. The winner was Louise Maxwell.

January 2023 – Routledge provided a copy of Prison Masculinities: International Perspectives and Interpretations. 2023. Edited By Tess Bartlett, Rosemary Ricciardelli. Routledge. The winner was Rachael Aplin.

December 2022

Artificial Intelligence, Social Harms and Human Rights. Editors: Aleš Završnik and Katja Simončič. 2023. Palgrave. The winner was Anna Di Ronco.

Policing Domestic Abuse: Risk, Policy, and Practice. Katy Barrow-Grint, Jacqueline Sebire, Jackie Turton, Ruth Weir. 2022. Routledge. The winner was Christain Poupeau.

The Research Handbook of Camparative Criminal Justice. Editors: David Nelken and Claire Hamilton. 2022. Edward Elgar. The winner was James Nunn.

A Criminology of Narrative Fiction. Rafe McGregor. 2022. Bristol University Press. The winner was Victoria Barritt.

Social Control: An Introduction. 3rd ed. James J. Chriss. 2022. Wiley. The winner was David Wilkin.

Criminology, 7th Ed. Stephen Jones. 2021. OUP.  The winner was Leah Burch.

Big Data Analysis Using Machine Learning for Social Scientists and Criminologists. Juyoung Song, Tae Min Song. 2019. Cambridge Scholars. The winner was James Nunn.

Burglars and Bobbies: Crime and Policing in Victorian London. Gregory Durston. 2012. Cambridge Scholars. The winner was Martina Feilzer.

November 2022 – Routledge provided a copy of Contemporary Criminological Theory: Crime and Criminal Behaviour in the Age of Moral Uncertainty. The winner was Stuart Piper.

October 2022 – Bristol University Press provided a copy of Welfare and Punishment: From Thatcherism to Austerity. 2022. Ian Cummins. The winner was Megan Georgiou.

September 2022 – Routledge provided a copy of Critical Criminology Today: Counter Hegemonic Essays, 2022. Vincenzo Ruggiero. The winner was Maria Kaspersson.

There was no draw in August 2022

July 2022 – OUP provided a copy of  Sanders & Young’s Criminal Justice, Fifth Edition. Lucy Welsh, Layla Skinns, and Andrew Sanders. 2021. The winner was BSC member Ceri Halfpenny.

June 2022 – Palgrave Macmillan provided a copy of Pandemic Police Power, Public Health and the Abolition Question. Tryon P. Woods. 2022. The winner was BSC member Megan McElhone.

May 2022 – Bristol University Press provided a copy of Criminal Women: Gender Matters Sharon Grace, Maggie O’Neill et al. 2022. The winner was BSC member Richard Wild.

April 2022 – SAGE provided a copy of ‘Understanding Homicide‘ 2nd Ed. Fiona Brookman. 2021. The winner was BSC member Zoe Burn.

March 2022 – SAGE provided a copy of ‘An Introduction to Criminology‘ (2021) by Pamela Davies and Michael Rowe. The winner was BSC member Christian Poupeau.

February 2022 – OUP provided a copy of ‘Normalizing Extreme Imprisonment‘ (2021) by Marion Vannier. The winner was BSC member Connor Mercer.

January 2022

Vicky Heap was the winner of 6 books:

A History of Women’s Prisons in England: The Myth of Prisoner Reformation. 2021. Susanna Menis. Cambridge Scholars.

Death of a Traveller: A Counter Investigation. 2021. Didier Fassin. Polity Press.

The Realities of Policing Diverse Communities from Minority and Police Perspectives. 2020. David J. McInerney. Cambridge Scholars.

Co-Occurring Disorders and Prisoner Reentry. 2019. Paul E. Tracy and Danielle Marie Carkin. Cambridge Scholars.

Prison Worlds: An Ethnography of the Carceral Condition. 2016. Didier Fassin. Polity Press.

Crime, The Mystery of the Common-Sense Concept. 2016. Robert Reiner. Polity Press.

December 2021

Isioma Jaiyeola – Lockdown: Social Harm in the Covid-19 Era. 

Katherine Watson  – Criminal Justice Responses to Maternal Filicide. Judging the failed mother.

Xavier D L’Hoiry – Visual Criminology

Claire Gilchrist – European White Collar Crime

Megan O’Neill – Wildlife Criminology

Jayne Price – Philosophy behind bars. Growth and Development in Prison

November 2021 – OUP provided a copy of the ‘The Oxford Textbook on Criminology’. The winner was BSC member Emma Milne.

October 2021 – Emerald Publishing provided a copy of ‘Young Women’s Carceral Geographies: Abandonment, Trouble and Mobility’ by Anna Schlieh. The winner was BSC member Abigail Stark.

September 2021 –  Bristol University Press provided a copy of  ‘Criminal Justice and the Pursuit of Truth’ by Tim Hillier and Gavin Dingwall. The winner was BSC member Daryl Kenny.

August 2021 – Cambridge Scholars Publishing provided a copy of Dangerous Men: Ideology and the Personification of Evil by Matthew G. Yeager. The winner was BSC member Anne Burrell.

July 2021 – Emerald Publishing provided a copy of ‘Sensory Penalities: Exploring the Senses in Spaces of Punishment and Social Control’, by Kate Herrity, Bethany E. Schmidt and Jason Warr.  The winner was BSC member Stefan Machura.

June 2021 – Policy Press provided a copy of Good Policing:Trust, Legitimacy and Authority, by Mike Hough. The draw was won by BSC member Hayley Martin.

May 2021 – SAGE provided a copy of Youth and Crime (5th Edition) by John Muncie. The draw was won by BSC member Jade Levell.

April 2021 – Palgrave Publishers provided a copy of ‘Harmful Traditional Practices: Prevention, Protection, and Policing. This draw was won by BSC member Maria Kaspersson.

March 2021 – Atlantic Books provided a copy of  ‘A Bit of a Stretch’. The winner was BSC member Victoria Barritt.

February 2021 – SAGE provided a copy of Sex and Crime. The winner was BSC member Ross Bull.

January 2021 – Atlantic Books provided a copy of Murder Under the Microscope: Serial Killers, Cold Cases and Life as a Forensic Investigator.  The winner was BSC member Jo Blackwell.

Christmas 2020 – The winners included the following BSC members:  Lizi Angel, Alisa Stevens, Samantha Burns, Steven Cammiss, Jayne Price, Kate Tudor, Emma Milne, Kerry Harrigan, Selina Robinson, Jo Smith, Yijing Li, Mike Joyce, Louise Livesey and Stephen Parrott.

November 2020 – Bristol University Press contributed a copy of: County Lines: Exploitation and Drug Dealing among Urban Street Gangs, by Simon Harding. The winner was Jaime Waters.

October 2020 – Emerald Publishing contributed a copy of:  A History of the Assessment of Sex Offenders, by D. Richard Laws. The winner was BSC member Nigel Lee.

September 2020 – Hart Publishing contributed a copy of: The Criminal Law’s Person, edited by Claes Lernestedt and Matt Matravers. The winner was BSC member Stephen Parrott.

August 2020 – Cambridge Scholars donated a copy of Big Data Analysis Using Machine Learning for Social Scientists and Criminologists, by Juyoung Song and Tae Min Song.  The winner was BSC member Roger Grimshaw.

July 2020 – Routledge Publishing donated ebook copies of The Crimmigrant Other and Introduction to Professional Policing. The winners were BSC members David Churchill and Natasha Kinloch.

June Draw – Emerald Publishing donated a copy of ‘The Emerald Handbook of Feminism, Criminology and Social Change‘, by BSC President Sandra Walklate, Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Jude McCulloch and Jane Maree Maher. The winner was BSC Member Marian Duggan.

May Draw – Jessica Kingsley Publishers donated a copy of ‘Children and Teenagers Who Set Fires: Why they do it and how to help’ by Joanna Foster.  The winner was BSC Member Julia Winstone.

April Draw – Bristol University Press donated digital copies of a number of books plus a year free digital subscription of Journal of Gender Based Violence

Winners included BSC Members Ekaterina Gladkova, Simone Hatchard, Alison Hutchinson and Holly Williamson.

March Draw – Routledge donated a copy of Criminology: A Sociological Introduction, 4th Edition. The winner was BSC Member Stephen Burrell.

February Draw – Cambridge Scholars donated Co-Occurring Disorders and Prisoner Reentry, by Paul E. Tracy, Danielle Marie Carkin. The winner was BSC Member Megan Georgiou.

January Draw – SAGE donated copies of  ‘The Penal System: An Introduction‘. Winners included BSC Members: Paul Gowers; Lizi Angel; Katherine Watson and Sophie Mitchell.

Christmas 2019 – Books included: Disrupting Rape CultureImaginative Criminology –  A Criminology of War? –  The latest issue of Journal of Gender Based ViolenceThe New Gendered Plundering of Africa: Nigerian Prostitution in ItalySecurity and Human RightsThe Use and Abuse of MusicCriminology: A Contemporary IntroductionCriminological Ethnography: An IntroductionJustice Alternatives –  Visions of Political ViolenceThe Routledge Companion to Rehabilitative Work in Criminal JusticeThinking Seriously about GangsOnline Othering: Exploring Digital Violence and Discrimination on the Web

Winners included: Rosie Erol, Tara Quinlan, Jenny Fleming Kevin Hoffin, Anthony Ellis, Steven Cammiss, Simon Winlow, Mandy Shaw, Emma Milne, Emily Setty, Leah Burch, Martina Feilzer, Jon Tate, Christine Magill, Louise Livesey, Stephen Parrott, Krros Hadjisergis, Kerry Hannigan and Jane Healy.

November 2019 – Oxford University Press donated a copy of The Criminal Process (Fifth Edition) by Liz Campbell, Andrew Ashworth, and Mike Redmayne. The winner was BSC member Sarah Blizzard.

October 2019 – Oxford University Press donated a copy of The Politics of the Police, Fifth Edition, Benjamin Bowling, Robert Reiner, and James W E Sheptycki.  The winner was BSC member Bob Colover.

September 2019 – Emerald donated a copy of ‘The Emerald Handbook of Narrative Criminology’, by Jennifer Fleetwood, Lois Presser, Sveinung Sandberg and Thomas Ugelvik. The winner was BSC member Sophie Mitchell.

August 2019 – Routledge donated a copy of Mixed Methods in Criminology. This was won by BSC member Malcolm Nelson.

July 2019 – SAGE donated a copy of The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology 4e This was won by BSC Member Jayne Price.

June 2019 – Bristol University Press donated a copy of 50 facts everyone should know about crime & punishment – James Treadwell and Adam Lynes and Young, Muslim and Criminal – Mohammed Qasim. These were won by BSC Member Xavier L’Hoiry.

May 2019 – Cambridge Scholars donated a copy of Whistleblowing: White-Collar Fraud Signal Detection, by Petter Gottschalk. This was won by BSC Member Professor Jenny Fleming.

April 2019 – SAGE donated a copy of Cybercrime and Society (Third Edition), Editors Majid Yar and Kevin F. Steinmetz. This was won by BSC member Megan O’Neill.

March 2019 – Palgrave donated a copy of New Perspectives on Prison Masculinities, Editors: Matthew Maycock and Kate Hunt. This was won by BSC member Kate Tudor.

February 2019 – Bristol Press donated Prison Suicide: What Happens Afterwards? by BSC member Philippa Tomczak. This was won by Annie Foxall who also won a copy of the latest issue of the Journal of Gender-Based Violence.

January 2019  – Pervasive Punishment: Making Sense of Mass Supervision, by BSC member Fergus McNeill was won by BSC member Roger Grimshaw.

Christmas 2018 – Rebecca Maier, Emma Milne, Rod Earle, Kate Tudor, Stephen Parrott, Susie Atherton, Xavier L’Hoiry, Liam Miles and Jugdeep Atwal. Thanks to the publishers for their generosity.

November 2018 – SAGE donated a copy of Gangs & Crime: Critical Alternatives, by Alistair Fraser.  The winner was BSC member Jenny Maher from the Centre for Criminology, University of South Wales.

October 2018 – Policy Press donated a copy of ‘Child Sexual Abuse: Whose Problem? Reflections from Cleveland’, edited by Sue Richardson and Heather Bacon. The winner was BSC member Amanda Holt from the University of Roehampton.

September 2018 – Routledge donated Youth Justice, by Stephen Case and Probation, by Rob Canton and Jane Dominey. These were won by BSC member Ed Schreeche-Powell.

August 2018 – SAGE contributed a copy of  ‘Prostitution: Sex Work, Policy & Politics’, by Teela Sanders, Maggie O’Neill and Jane Pitcher. The winner was BSC member Grace Boughton.

July 2018 – Routledge contributed a copy of ‘Research Ethics in Criminology: Dilemmas Issues and Solutions‘, by M. Cowburn, L. Gelsthorpe and A. Wahidin. This was won by BSC member Ian Mahoney.

May 2018 – this month Cambridge Scholars gave two of their recent titles: Corpus Juris of Islamic International Criminal Justice and Contemporary Research and Analysis on the Children of Prisoners: Invisible Children. They were won by BSC members David Adams and Ross Bull.

April 2018 – ’50 Facts Everyone Should Know…’ was won by Rebecca Johnson, a student member from Liverpool University. This was donated by Policy Press.

March 2018 – ‘Introduction to Policing’ by Michael Rowe was won by BSC members Emily Hawkins and Kevin Hoffin. This was donated by SAGE.


We had a special book giveaway to mark International Women’s Day.

Womens ImprisonmentWomen’s Imprisonment and the Case for Abolition’ edited by Linda Moore, Phil Scraton, Azrini Wahidin

Our winners were Alisa Stevens and Gill Buck. Congratulations to them both.

February 2018 –  won by Carina O’Reilly. She receives ‘The short guide to criminal justice’ by Lisa O’Malley and Sharon Grace donated by Policy Press.

January 2018 –  won by Dario Serrati. He receives Public Confidence in Criminal Justice by Liz Turner donated by Palgrave Macmillan.

December 2017 – Christmas 2017 Bumper Book Draw was won by: Simon White; Emma Milne; Jennifer Sloan; Kevin Hoffin; Ross Bull and Charlotte Harris.

November 2017 – won by Davina Cull; Katherine Watson; Maria De Angelis and Stuart Piper. They receive one of the following: Introduction to criminal justice – Harding, Davies, Mair or Victims, Crime and Society – Davies, Francis, Greer.

October 2017 – won by BSC members Joanna Foster and Rafe McGregor. They each receive a copy of  the OUP book ‘Criminology’, edited by BSC members Steve Case, Phil Johnson, David Manlow, Roger Smith, and Kate Williams.

September 2017 – won by BSC member Jane Healy. She received  the Routledge Companion to Criminological Theory and Concepts, edited by BSC members Avi Brisman, Eamonn Carrabine and Nigel South.

August 2017 – won by the following BSC members: Ahmad Saledin, David Adams, Zeynep Orhan, Melissa Pepper, Victoria Silverwood, Daryl Kenny. They each win a copy of the Oxford Handbook of Criminology

July 2017 – won by Steve Wakeman (Liverpool John Moores University). He won The Routledge International Handbook of Visual Criminology (donated by Routledge).

June 2017 – won by Hannah Quirk (University of Manchester) and Stephanie Hayman. They won copies of Hillsborough The Truth by Phil Scraton (donated by Penguin).

May 2017 – won by David Bell (East Riding College).  He won a copy of Gambling, Crime and Society by James Banks (donated by Palgrave Macmillan).

April 2017 – won by Jack Armstrong (Chester University) and Pamela Davies (Northumbria University). They won a copy each of  Supporting victims of hate crime A practitioner guide by Kusminder Chahal (donated by Policy Press)

March 2017 –  Cambridge Scholars kindly donated these two books:

Human Trafficking, by BSC Member Maria De Angelis – won by Carole Murphy, St Mary’s University.

A Zoo of Lusts…A Harem of Fondled Hatreds, by Deveryle James – won by Steven Cammiss, University of Leicester

February 2017 –  won by Jo Noblett from the University of Strathclyde, Robert Regoli (et al) ‘Delinquency in Society‘ (10th edition).

January 2017 –  won by Sarah Pemberton from BCU. She won a copy of Dr Beth Weaver’s  book ‘Offending and Desistance: The Importance of Social Relations

December 2016 –  won by: Steve Wakeman, Pamela Davies, Gail Super, Carole Murphy, Matthew Ball, Charlotte Barlow, Emma Milne and Dan Cartwright.

November 2016 – won by Laura Bainbridge from the University of York. Her prize is from Policy Press, Sports Criminology: A critical criminology of sport and games.

October 2016 –  won by Professor Pat Carlen. Her prize was from Palgrave Macmillan, Confronting Gun Violence in America.

September 2016 –  won by Dr Iain Channing, Plymouth University. His prize was from Policy Press –  Understanding Police Intelligence Work.