Membership Categories and Fees

All fees are annual.

There are nine categories of membership available:

1UK full membership, which includes a personal subscription to the British Journal of Criminology (BJC) & the Society’s Journal Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ).£88.50
2UK full (PhD) student membership or fully retired can enjoy membership inclusive of a personal subscription to the BJC & CCJ. £76.50
3UK associate (part-time PhD student membership or associate retired or those not in full-time employment membership) includes a subscription to the Society Journal CCJ. £48.50
4Overseas Full Membership (Economic North), which includes a personal subscription to the BJC and CCJ. £99.00
5Overseas Full Membership (Economic South), which includes a personal subscription to the BJC and CCJ. £70.00
6UK Graduate membership£50.00
7UK Individual undergraduate student (Please use your university email account when applying).£30.00
8UK Group undergraduate studentfrom £200
9UK Group institutional from £700

Applicants interested in a group membership should be from a UK HEI, or a criminal justice related statutory or voluntary sector organisation. Please email for full details.

If you are a UK income tax payer, you can normally reclaim the income tax you have paid on your FULL individual BSC membership subscription as subscription to the BSC is a recognised expense by the HMRC – Click here for details

  • NB: Associate retired or not in full-time employment membership excludes the BJC subscription.
  • NB: Student membership is for UK students who are in undergraduate or postgraduate education – on occasion you may be asked to provide evidence of this.

Map of Economic North/South Divide