Violence, Culture and Victimhood

Thu, 11 May 2017

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The North West British Society of Criminology Seminar Series 2016-17, in conjunction with University of Liverpool’s International Criminological Research Unit (ICRU) and the BSC National Victims Network.

Speakers: Brad Evans (University of Bristol), Martin Hoondeart (University of Tilburg), Pamela Davies, (Northumbria University), chaired by Sandra Walklate (University of Liverpool)


Low level Sanctions – The business of courts and criminology? 

Wednesday 5th April 2017, Liverpool Hope University Department of Social Science

This conference is a joint venture between the North West Branch of the British Society of Criminology and the Social Sciences Department at Liverpool Hope University.

The aim of this conference is to interrogate how low level sentences (those imposed by the courts) and penalties (out of court disposals, including cautions and community resolutions, imposed by a range of enforcement agencies) are used to deal with criminality in a proportionate manner. It will examine the extent, meaning, messages and purposes of the low level sentence, and penalty, by drawing on nascent research and practitioner knowledge to provide a holistic understanding of the impact of low level sentences on criminal justice policy. This conference will bring together academics, postgraduates and practitioners in the field of sentencing and community justice. It aims to provide insight into the applicability of sentencing theory to low level offences and ask critical questions about the purposes, experiences and trends of low level sentences and penalties. This is a FREE event. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Dr Adam Snow (


Professor George Mair, Liverpool Hope University

Setting the scene: What is happening at the lower end of sanctions?

Professor Sir Antony Bottoms, Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge

Punishment theory and the minor crime

Professor Martin Wasik, Emeritus Professor, Keele University

Revisiting the discharge: Who, when and why?

Dr Adam Snow, Liverpool Hope University

The out of court disposal: what, why and how?

Dr Natalia Vibla, Liverpool Hope University

Desert theory and low level sentencing

Dr Sara Grace, Lecturer, Salford University

Penalty Notices for Disorder: A New Labour fad?

Dr John Bache JP, Deputy Chairman, The Magistrates Association

Sentencing in court, the why, how and who of low level sentences.


Criminology, Criminal Justice and the Ex-Military Community: The Way Ahead

On Friday 10th June 2016 two related events were co-hosted by the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University to offer a critical insight into criminology, criminal justice and ex-military offenders in England and Wales.

The day event brought together a range of academics, practitioners and postgraduate researchers to take stock of the attendant research and policy developments relating to the ex-military community who are, or have been, embroiled within the criminal justice system in England and Wales. This event was hosted at University of Liverpool in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University and was funded by the North West Branch of the British Society of Criminology and the University of Liverpool’s International Criminological Research Unit (ICRU).

The evening event hosted British filmmaker and anthropologist Chris Terrill in a public lecture discussing his work with the British military and involvement with researching ex-military offenders within the criminal justice system. This event was co-funded by Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool’s International Criminological Research Unit (ICRU).

Both events were free to attend.


Extremism and Counter-Extremism: Changing Images, Emerging Realities

Manchester Metropolitan University, 5th May, 2016

This one-day seminar will bring together academics and postgraduate to consider changing images of terrorism and extremism and the emerging realities of counter-extremism and de-radicalisation. Confirmed speakers are:

  • Gavin Bailey – Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Phil Edwards – Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Neil Ferguson – Liverpool Hope University
  • Elizabeth Poole – Keele University
  • Piers Robinson – University of Manchester
  • Rizwaan Sabir – Liverpool John Moores University
  • Katy Sian – University of York
  • Paul Thomas – University of Huddersfield

Organised by: Phil Edwards and Gavin Bailey, Manchester Metropolitan University. Contact:


2015 – Two successful events were held at Liverpool Hope University and Salford University.

The first event was on 29th April 2015 at Salford University with a timely seminar on “Public Criminology and the 2015 General Election”. The focus was the post-election future for crime and crime control and featured papers by Professor Richard Sparks (University of Edinburgh), Dr Emily Gray (University of Sheffield) and Dr Karen Evans (University of Liverpool). The event was a great success and was very well attended.

The second event came on 20th May 2015 at Liverpool Hope University on “Critical Reflections on the Relationship between Punishment and Desistance”. The event successfully brought together a panel of early career researchers interested in offering novel and critical examinations of the relationship between punishment and desistance. The event featured papers by Dr Serena Wright (University of Cambridge), Marie Hutton (University of Birmingham/University of Cambridge), Dr Deborah Jump (Liverpool Hope University) and Jessica Bird (University of Edinburgh).

Many thanks for all that took part in these events, but especially thanks to Anthony Ellis and Christopher Birkbeck at Salford and Emily Hartand and Esther van Ginneken at Liverpool Hope.