Papers from the British Criminology Conference 2018

Vol. 18 ISSN 1759-0043

Transforming Criminology: Rethinking Crime in a Changing World

Birmingham City University

Editor’s Note

The British Society of Criminology’s 2018 Conference was held from 3-6 July at Birmingham City University. The theme was ‘Transforming Criminology’ and the keynote speakers featured prominent criminologists – Ben Crewe, Jeff Ferrell, Yvonne Jewkes, Michael Levi, Thomas Raymen and David Wilson – as well as Edmond Clark, artist-in-residence at Grendon Prison 2014-2018.

The papers submitted to this volume went through the journal’s rigorous peer review process and three out of seven submissions were accepted. Many thanks to the peer reviewers for their essential work in enabling publication of the journal and for the helpful comments that they provided to help further strengthen the submissions. Thanks is also due to the authors for their prompt revisions and co-operation. The timeline for journal is short and its production is greatly aided by this willingness to meet deadlines.

Lizzie Seal (Chair, BSC Publications Committee)

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Papers from the British Criminology Conference 2018
Volume 18, 2018


Papers from the British Criminology Conference 2018
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Editorial 2018
Lizzie Seal

World Café: a participatory research tool for the criminologist engaged in seekingworld views for transformation. 
Sarah Page and Dr Em Temple-Malt

Guess Who?: Exploring the public’s perceptions of perpetrators of crime. Morag Malone Kennedy, Cristiana Viana Cardoso, Laura Jayne Riley, Professor David Wilson and Professor Michael Brookes

Virtual social media spaces, a relational arena for ‘bearing witness’ to desistance. Julie M Parson