Professor Philip Bean

Philip Bean

My first formal involvement with the BSC, other than as an ordinary Member, was as Chairman of the Midlands Branch, later followed as BSC Secretary (to Robert Reiner`s Presidency) 1993-1996. I was elected President and served the 3 years from 1996-1999, and was the first President to be so formally elected by a ballot of all the Members. A number of constitutional changes were made during that period, namely changing the BSC`s legal status from an Association to a Company Limited by Guarantee (i.e. with no share capital) and making it a Charity. The aim also was to build on the success of earlier Presidents such as developing the Branch structure and continuing with the progress made with the BSC Conferences. From 1999 until my full retirement in 2006 I worked closely with the Midland Branch.

From 1999 until I retired in 2004, (working part-time until 2006) I continued as Professor of Criminology and Director of The Midlands Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Loughborough. I continued to publish, mainly in the field of Drugs and Crime and Mental Disorder and Crime, as well as editing and jointly editing books on Informers, and Drug Treatment. On retirement I have continued to publish, including the 4th edition of `Drugs and Crime`, a book entitled `Legalising Drugs` and editing volumes on `Criminology`(2014) `Madness and Crime,` (2016) and `Human Trafficking` and `Hate Crimes,` the latter due out 2017.

From 2000-2006 I was an Associate of the General Medical Council sitting on the conduct and health committees. In 2006 was made an Emeritus Professor and in 2013 a Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge.