BSC Policing Network Annual Prize

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Applications for 2023 are now closed.


Previous Winners


2023 – not awarded

2022 – Winner

This year’s prize winner is Dr Jonah Miller, for his article ‘The Touch of the State: Stop and Search in England, c.1660-1750’ (History Workshop Journal 87 (2019)).

2020 – not awarded due to the COVID-19 outbreak

2017  Prize Winners

Sole authored paper

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Wood, D. (2016) The importance of liberal values within policing: police and crime commissioners, police independence and the spectre of illiberal democracy, Policing and Society, 26(2), 148-164.

Review: Wood’s paper is an excellent piece of scholarship, bringing important insight into conceptual challenges relating to the democratic governance and accountability of police in 21st century. It draws upon a wide-range of police history, political theory and similar literature to explore the tensions between developing a liberal model of policing and one that is democratic.

Joint authored paper


Murray, K. and Harkin, D. (2017) ‘Policing in Cool and Hot Climates: Legitimacy, Power and the Rise and Fall of Mass Stop and Search in Scotland’, as published in the British Journal of Criminology, 57 (4), 885-905. (online in 2016)

Review: What is perhaps most impressive about this paper is the way the research interests of the two authors are combined to produce a highly valuable contribution to way we think about legitimacy in the context of policing; with particular reference to  (a) how legitimacy is reproduced within particular political climates and (b) the extent to which it can provide a cloak to hide problematic police practice.

Previous Winners

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2016 – Prof Tim Newburn, LSE.

‘Reflections on why riots do not happen’, Theoretical Criminology, 20(2): 125-144.

Previous winners


2015 – Genevieve Lennon  for her article ‘Precautionary Tales: Suspicionless Counter-terrorism stop and search’ Criminology and Criminal Justice 15(1).


2015 – Ben Bradford and Paul Quinton for their article: ‘Self-legitimacy, Police Culture and Support for Democratic Policing in an English Constabulary’ British Journal of Criminology 54 (1023-1046).

2014 – Matthew Millings for Policing British Asian Identities in the British Journal of Criminology