The Postgraduate Conference

The BSC annual conference gives postgraduate students the opportunity to present papers in the main conference and also in their own dedicated section of the conference. During this space, the postgraduate posters are displayed and judged. Below is the 2021 winner.  See here for previous winners


Post-graduate Research Poster Prize 2021SAGE logo

The British Society of Criminology Postgraduate Committee organise a research poster exhibition displayed during the annual conference.

The winning entry was from Alison Hutchinson, who wins a prize from SAGE. The award team said they were impressed with how she incorporated the conference themes throughout her poster, which was accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

A Fishy business: Space for species justice in global wildlife economies?AHutchinson BSC 2021

Alison Hutchinson –

With the dependence on fisheries for nutrition and employment increasing globally, marine species are under increasing pressure from over-exploitation. That they remain primarily defined as food and commodities, rather than as wildlife is testament to their position within global governance structures. Drawing from a green criminological, non-speciesist framework, I question how issues of species justice can be elevated within both conservation and trade discussions. To do this, I present three cases on commercially exploited marine species: 1. the minke whale, 2. the queen conch, and 3. the Atlantic bluefin tuna. I discuss how conservation and trade bodies, namely CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), incorporates concerns for marine species and prioritises the preservation of some wildlife over others. By focussing on the value systems that support the variable conservation and commodification of marine species, it is possible to better understand how attitudes surrounding harm and victimhood can act to perpetuate global inequalities and the marginalisation of both non-human animals and people.