The Postgraduate Committee

  • Chair – Grace Gallacher

    I am currently the chair of the committee. I am interested in wellbeing of students and building and having a support network that transcends our institutions. In this vein, I am focusing on building up the network again and I am always happy to chat to anyone who wants to get involved. I believe we need to support each other and flourish together in a collegiate environment which we can carry on into our careers and beyond. I have recently handed in my PhD so I have experienced most aspects of the journey including child rearing and other ‘fun’ life things, so if you want a supportive place which a dose of realism and a touch of humour please get in touch.

    Grace is a Lecturer in Policing and Criminology at Leeds Trinity University.

    Twitter @grace_gallacher  |  @BSCPG1

    Rowan Sweeney,  Deputy Chair of the BSC Postgraduate Committe

  • Photo of Rowan SweeneyI am a Doctoral Researcher and Graduate Teaching Assistant in Social Sciences at York St John University. My research relates to restorative justice, criminological teaching and learning, critical theory, intersectionality, decolonization, and social justice.  I am in the final year of my PhD which critically explores the production, and exclusion, of restorative justice knowledge(s) in criminology curricula in England and Wales. I am also involved in ongoing research exploring decolonisation and intersectionality within higher education curricula with the aim of developing inclusivity and amplifying marginalized voices.

Twitter: @RowanSweeney_

Lottie is a final year PhD student and Lecturer in Criminology at Anglia Ruskin University. Her research interest lies within sexual violence and particularly, the criminal justice response. Her PhD research is examining the impact of sexual history evidence on mock jury deliberations in rape trials.

Lottie says: I am the Event Co-Ordinator of the BSC Postgraduate Committee and have worked alongside the rest of the Committee to set up multiple virtual ‘Happy Hour’ events, to build up networks and share experiences amongst the wider BSC postgraduate community.

Reece is a first year PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Edge Hill University. His research area is primarily in Green Criminology and my PhD project is briefly titled ‘The Phenomenology of Ecocide’. He has completed an MRes exploring how the carbon market is framed under a new neoliberal paradigm and he is also interested in language and harm, philosophical criminology and zemiology.

Reece says: I assist in organising events, collecting CfPs and replying to queries. My role is also expanding the reach of the network.

Nick Gibbs is a final year PhD student and University Teacher in Policing at Leeds Trinity University. His research mainly concerns the use and supply of image and performance enhancing drugs, and the relationship of these substances to political economy and contemporary subjectivity.

Nick says: I am the Liaison Officer for the BSC post-graduate network, which basically means I contact any speakers we have and send out communications (and occasionally run the Twitter account).

Liam Miles studied for his first degree in Criminology at Birmingham City University. Since graduating with a first-class degree in July 2021, he was fortunate enough to have been a successful candidate in a PhD research study within Birmingham City’s School of Social Sciences. His research will examine how young people engage with activism within their local communities considering rapid urban change. To achieve this, he will undertake a Youth participatory action research project which will involve working with young people in Birmingham who will design their own activism project on a social issue that is significant to them. Alongside his PhD research, he is a visiting lecturer in Criminology, also at Birmingham City University, teaching first year undergraduates in their core modules.

Liam says: As a committee member of the British Society of Criminology’s post graduate committee, my role is to help manage the social media page and attend meetings which decides themes and concepts to discuss at network meetings.

Soozi Baggs is in the final year of a funded PhD at the University of Plymouth, researching the harms surrounding women’s gambling and currently level 4 lead for the criminology and criminal justice degree at Plymouth.

Soozi says: I am the editor of the post graduate committee blog and I am always looking for new and interesting content so if you have an idea please get in touch.