Wed 22 March 2017

Professor Stephen Savage and Mr John Grieve, University of Portsmouth

‘Non-recent (‘historic’) investigations and inquiries from Hillsborough to Operation Yewtree – Joining up the Dots’?


Thurs 23 March 2017

Professor James Sheptycki, University of York, Toronto

‘Policing Gun Crime in Toronto’,  4pm,  Checkland Building, Falmer Campus, University of Brighton.


Wed 15 March 2017

Dr Louise Westmarland, The Open University

“Policing Gender and Ethics: An Ethnographic View of Culture and Practice”.


Wed 1 March 2017

Professor Yvonne Jewkes, University of Brighton

“Prison Planning and Design in the UK and Europe: What Constitutes a “Well-Designed” Prison?”


Wed 15 February 2017

Dr Matt Clements, University of Winchester

A People’s History of Riots, Protest and the Law: The Sound of the Crowd)


Weds 25th November 2015

School of Applied Social Science, Falmer Campus, Checkland Building, Room E424:

Peter Squires, Professor of Criminology & Public Policy:   Voodoo Liability: Joint Enterprise Prosecutions as intensified criminalisation.

The tactic of joint enterprise prosecution complements and deepens the over-determination that gang related criminal activity has been subject to in many criminal justice jurisdictions.  The implied ‘gang-relation’ misconstrues notions of identity and belonging, such that prosecution on the basis of joint enterprise can attribute a spurious intentionality and coherence, encouraging prosecutorial ‘over-charging’ and inviting speculation as to the ‘guilty mind’ or responsibility of persons so charged which is difficult to dispute and even more problematic to contest (or appeal) once an ‘association’ between primary and secondary defendants has been established.