Vol. 1.Selected papers from the 1995 British Criminology Conference, Loughborough.

Volume Editors: Jon Vagg and Tim Newburn. September 1998.

Editors’ Introduction.

Tim Newburn and Jon Vagg

Riot Grrrl and Raisin Girl: Femininity Within the Female Gang. Debbie Archer

Battered Wife Syndrome Evidence: The Australian Experience. Bronwyn Bartal

Researching Racial Violence: A Scientific Realist Approach. Colin Webster

Police Investigations into Residential Burglary. R.T. Coupe and M. Griffiths

‘Bang!’ Goes the Neighbourhood: Firearms, Violence and Social Disorder.

Both Arms of the Law: Institutionalized Protest and the Policing of Public Order. P.A.J. Waddington

Real Punishment for Real Criminals? Community Sentences and the Gendering of Punishment. A. Worrall

Crime Writers: Non-fiction Crime Books. P. Rawlings

The Power of the Popular. Jill Peay

Psychoanalysis and Crime in Britain During the Inter-War Years. C. ValiƩr

Crime and Inequality: Current Issues in Research and Public Debate. David Downes

Editorial Advisory Board for this Volume

Prof Philip Bean, Loughborough University
Prof John Baldwin, Birmingham University
Dr Catriona Mirrleees-Black, Home Office Research and Statistics Directorate
Dr Teresa Nemitz, Loughborough University
Prof Tim Newburn, Goldsmiths, College, London University
Prof Robert Reiner, London School of Economics