Papers from the British Criminology Conference 2012

Vol. 12 ISSN 1759-0043

Criminology at the Borders
Hosted by University of Portsmouth

Editor’s Note

In 2012 the British Society of Criminology Conference made a successful return to the University of Portsmouth. Held from 4th to 6th July the conference had the title “Criminology at the Borders”. At the conference Professor Jock Young was awarded the BSC Outstanding Achievement Award, presented to him by Professor Pat Carlen. Plenary presentations were provided by Katja Franko Aas, David Garland, Roger Hood and Sharon Shalev. Thanks are due to the team at Portsmouth for organising the event. In 2013 the conference is hosted by the University of Wolverhampton where ‘criminology’ as a subject will be put on trial. If you are planning to speak at Wolverhampton it would be great if you would also consider submitting your paper to this journal.

For this Volume of the journal we have maintained a rigorous review process. Ten papers were submitted and four have made the final selection. All submitted papers were reviewed by at least two academics.  We are pleased to include papers from Jane Jones with Jen Phipps, Larry Karson, Mohd Kassim Noor-Mohamed with Jayne Noor-Mohamed, and Jack Dees.

The production of this journal is only possible with the assistance of colleagues who give their time freely. Thanks are due to the Editorial Board and all other reviewers.

Andrew Millie (Edge Hill University)

Editorial Board
Alana Barton, Edge Hill University; Karen Bullock, University of Surrey; Simon Mackenzie, University of Glasgow

Other reviewers
Fiona Brookman, University of Glamorgan; Willem de Lint, Flinders University; Janet Foster, London School of Economics; Barry Godfrey, University of Liverpool; Chris Greer, City University London; Rob Mawby, University of Wales, Newport; Jeffrey Monaghan, Queen’s University at Kingston; Claire Moon, London School of Economics; Judith Rowbotham, Nottingham Trent University; Daniel Silverstone, London Metropolitan University; Keith Soothill, Lancaster University; Sandra Walklate, University of Liverpool; T. Wing Lo, City University of Hong Kong; Richard Yarwood, University of Plymouth

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Papers from the British Criminology Conference 2012

Volume 12, 2012


Papers from the British Criminology Conference 2012
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Front pages

Andrew Millie

Policing farm crime in England and Wales
Jane Jones and Jen Phipps, Aberystwyth University

American smuggling and British white-collar crime: A historical perspective
Larry Karson, University of Houston-Downtown

No evidence of absence: Successful criminals and secret societies
Mohd Kassim Noor-Mohamed, Birmingham City University, and Jayne Noor-Mohamed, Nottingham Trent University

Claws of the dragon: Chinese organised crime in the UK
Jack Dees, University of West London