Papers from the British Criminology Conference 2009

Vol. 9. 2009

ISSN 1759-0043

Editor’s Note

This year’s journal draws from the papers presented at the 2009 British Society of Criminology Conference held in Cardiff from 29 June to 1 July. The conference was held by Cardiff University and University of Glamorgan with the theme “A ‘Mirror’ or a ‘Motor’? What is Criminology for?” Six papers made the final cut – all reviewed by at least two academics – on subjects ranging from fashion counterfeiting (Joanna Large) to historic accounts of sex crimes (Keith Soothill). Other papers are on public perceptions of anti-social behaviour (Vicky Heap), Street Pasters and the night-time economy (Nick Johns, Greta Squire and Adrian Barton) and the use of public art murals to deter graffiti (Myra Taylor and Ida Marais). Finally, for the second year Stefan Machura from Bangor University has provided a paper co-authored with his masters class. Last year his paper was based on a survey of trust in Police Community Support Officers. This year it is a survey on trust in the Chief Constable of North Wales.

Thanks are due, of course, to the editorial board members who gave up their time to review the papers, especially as time was limited in order for the journal to be published before the end of the year. Also, thanks go to Shadd Maruna, Judith Rowbotham and Majid Yar who stepped in when their specialist knowledge was needed. We are planning to produce Volume 10 for the Leicester conference in 2010, so if you are already planning to speak, I hope you will also consider submitting your paper to this journal.

Each paper can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link below or, if you prefer, the whole journal can be downloaded as a single document.

Andrew Millie (University of Glasgow)

Papers from the British Criminology Conference, Vol. 9. 2009
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Front pages

Andrew Millie

Consuming counterfeits: Exploring assumptions about fashion Counterfeiting
Joanna Large

A Window on the law: A historical study of the local media reporting of non-consensual sex crimes involving female victims aged 16 to 20 years
Keith Soothill

Street pastors: From crime prevention to re-moralisation
Nick Johns, Greta Squire and Adrian Barton

Does urban art deter graffiti proliferation? An evaluation of an Australian commissioned urban art project
Myra Taylor and Ida Marais

“I don’t say that bored kids hanging about are bad, but they are scary!” Exploring attitudinal factors that affect public perceptions of anti-social behaviour
Vicky Heap

Speeding, the Chief Constable and trust in North Wales Police
Iain Dalton et al.